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this work is work number 850 or eight five zero I can always think how to title things so I was use numbers just to have a way of identifying what I do what I try to do then and the work will consist of people running through the gallery or consists of a person running through the gallery every thirty seconds I was asked by the tape to if I would could think that I might imagine making something for the devine galleries and there and immediately this is what I thought of and and I thought that the Devine gallery is being so long we're a good theatre for this work and so almost the length of C are sprinting like an indoor sprinting and track if I think about running and why is that I like it I think that it is perhaps because it's a an an exciting action and I think it's also an example of being alive if you think of death as being still perfectly still and so the opposite of death would be in order to move as fast as you possibly can and I think of art or the experience of art always as an as a lying experience you know the you know a painting may be a fixed static object but the experience of looking at painting is them always alive one bukhari you know because people are alive and constantly moving you know the heart's beating so the experience of looking at things is always in movement unions and in my mind there isn't such a leap from therefore from a painting to a person running in the gallery you know which is of course I like moving or kinetic work that's not necessarily you know why I made this piece I made the piece part I think originally I when I thought about it because I thought it was funny really you know and I mean makes me smile you know when I see people running through the gallery you know when I was working on a piece I was thinking you know like in the street if you're in the street and someone runs past you know it's often can be quite shocking why what's happening you know like is there been a theft or are you know and like a shoplifter running away from the police or something like that can be quite shocking when you see someone running in in the street so I think running general stands out you know probably the one place it wouldn't stand out would be like an athletic meeting you know so that would probably be not a place to display running peaceful you know artists do not make art our artists make things you know or objects whatever new paintings sculptures they make stupid object which get used as art you know by by human beings so you know it so someone should not and I'm actually not the person to ask about whether this is art because it's not me that decides something that or not you know the person asking that question can decide for themselves or should or should get a question in general the the fact that certain objects are used and treated as art by in the general world that we live in you know the arcs just a word