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Film meets art: Ken Loach inspired by William Hogarth

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unlike all her girls works because of its subject matter because of the the warmth of his depiction and because you can I think you get to know the people in it he stayed outside the establishment clicks and I think that if you're any kind of artist in whatever kind of medium whether it's painting or writing or theater or even film you have no place in the establishing clicks you have to be an outsider hogarth is one of the artists that I've always enjoyed and tried to learn from in the same way of literary figures like Chaucer or Shakespeare the ones who depict the greats panorama of social life which her graph does we did a film called riffraff but a group of building workers I mean they'd fit into this picture Thursday mornings pierre de it's also sacan de be warned we hide these skips not for you lot to lean on they've got to be filled and while i'm on about it I trust none of you lot are signing on as well I didn't think you could do that you'd be surprised what some of your bustards get up to-- you find people whose lives are written on their faces like the people in this picture we've just been doing a film in in Ireland in second in the thirties and all those people could find their way into this picture people who make you smile people you like to listen to people whose lives are sometimes touched by tragedy you connect to the mall so they don't fit in here Oh Garth despise most portrait painters because most portraits are just full of frogs and clothes whereas the real work is in the face of a delicate flesh tones and all the other colors are muted which sets off the personality of their the people whose painting the others are you feel other the formal pictures of wealthy people displaying not only their fine clothes but they're the land they they owned I know who I do have a drink with let's it so gasps crowd you