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Fashion meets art: Preen inspired by David Hockney

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it's still it's so modern I think it looks so modern and so clean really timeless the graphic lines that you got on the side of the diving board along the edge of the pool and then the organic US with the brushstroke and the splash you can really see the the canvas the canvases the frame around it so you really get the sense that it's a fabric nothing weighs just captured that moment Hockney was saying that it took him two weeks to paint and yet it was representing two seconds almost whether anywhere we were looking for a starting point for resorts so we're thinking okay what do you want from a resort collection looking at pictures of paintings that we thought would evoke that feeling of holiday the hot clear picture biggest blush came to mind obviously we are doing resort you're thinking of somewhere of a sort of romance of a dream of an ideal there's a desirable painting and I think you almost desire to be there you want to sort of it was the mood and the atmosphere as much as anything that it evokes almost get the feeling of diving into the cool water it being so hot there because we were launching a swimwear collection for a resort as well it seemed perfect to use that as an inspiration splash is actually lots of fine lines so that's where we took that and the yellow diving board we thought we souped it up a bit but made it more neon and just by printing it across part of it feels a bit to us a little bit like the original painting where you can see the border and the the ground fabric that he painted the piece of the interesting thing about Hockney he moved to LA and that was I suppose so far removed from Yorkshire and I guess when you are British especially I don't know we're both northern we come from like small places you know to think when you think of LA before you've been to LA Norma's think of us why people go to weather come true it's kind of like an unrealistic place in a sense and I guess that's probably what we thought for us is the similar power you