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[Music] as a Norwegian artist or as a Novation you kind of born with milk as you born with mountains and Midnight Sun is part of your being in a witchy the issues amongst work it doesn't matter really if it's from nowhere not it could be anywhere like many other artists internationally when you work deal with issues that he deals with because it's so much part of everyday life and it's the issues are the most important it's not the landscape that's why I think everyone wherever you grow up can relate to his work [Music] puberty the girl sitting on the bed naked with big eyes and huge shadow behind her was an image that was very present for me very early it's about how to find balance in life in a way with that shadow hanging there over you and I did a work related to that work when I moved to London so all these young girls sitting with head set on the tube those days they had big head sets in the 90s like that and it was just like monks puberty girl you know it was a film with a young English girl so I literally in my studio built up a stage really transformed his painting into three-dimensional space I was also to confront this fear of the shadow how to find balance in life when you are young a theme which I is part of my work you know if you open a book with Edward Funke very often the first image is Porcha with cigarette and you have the artist with a cigarette and this beautiful smoke around his head and he's holding the cigarette and then painting his self-portrait what I did was to put a young girl in his position holding a Marlboro light that was burning down and then she has a remote control and control us instead of the paintbrush so it was kind of I had fun with him and I did this portable cigarette and the puberty and the kiss I wasn't his huge Club in Liverpool scream I think it was called and you saw these people kissing in the dark and with the laser light and it was just like MOOC I made this film the kiss it's a couple kissing and it's very strong light in the face so they're melting together and that's so interesting when you go into details in amongst works is kind of it feels so contemporary it feels so fresh and that's what I'm really looking forward to see the intakes in a contemporary building he's dealing with real things in his life you know all the it was death it was it was tuberculosis so he was very much part of his own time and still it feels really contemporary when you look at it today [Music] Oh [Music]