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Contested Terrains, Part 2

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I think that hope a new high Z is more i would say theoretical copies than an artwork as people will seen in the projection they are in between images some sentences some walls this work are references in order to understand my statement so open your eyes is a theoretical cops in which i developed the idea that the aesthetic between the the Occidental world and i would say the extra Occidental cultures the dialogue between these difference is is absolutely interesting to understand today where we are going to art is normal the idea of sharing the knowledge together in order to build something new in order to to enhance the thought but because at the same time i don't know it's always like this when you create an an artwork it's like a baby i mean you have to admit that it's going to has its own life they are these nasty swamp resort area I think no dents on the photomontage she doesn't eat and I the epidemic at a delicious eau de Paula desi dhaba at relational fat man and machine himangshu logical means cylinder usando estas de la in relation to the wall linea rossa professorships problems instead of the bondic valley to the children the neurology tabako mo sick and ferritin i do too this is faster to bj's and i saw this film italy ed from Kansas City to a share joseph exmor r el camino y lady grabbed the defeated a she she presented I see two teachers to a fiesta mikuni show no katachi Skeeter como se hace que koopa digital cinema ej20 Tudor ship a yo street food concentrate is this person a lady photoshop a real easy value enum valero jaja que de ville de spacer Dalek Elgin degraded into the detour a walkway on