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Do Ho Suh's memory of a staircase

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Korean artist Do Ho Suh’s work is made based on personal memories of architectural spaces. In the case of Staircase-III, he has created an exact replica of the small, narrow staircase that connects his modern New York apartment to that of his landlord. But it also recalls the staircase in his parents’ traditional Korean house in Seoul, merging two very different memories into one object. Crafted in a light, gauzy fabric, this staircase invites us to think about the nature of transitional spaces (like staircases, bridges, and doors, connecting but also separating two spaces), transparency, light, and the ephemerality of memory.

“The space I'm interested in is not only a physical one, but an intangible, metaphorical, and psychological one,” he says. Do you think that the experience of living in Korea and moving to the United States has influenced Do Ho Suh’s relationship with art and memory? Does a feeling of cultural displacement allow a person to see things differently, perhaps allowing them to focus on transitional spaces rather than destinations?

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