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I'm the Xhosa I'm a sculptor from originally from Seoul Korea I live and work in New York and London and in the middle of installing staircase three at the state modern it's a one-to-one scale fabric version of a very small narrow staircase that connects from my apartment to to my landlord place this piece was made specifically for this room the staircase and the banister that always stays same but this horizontal fabric the horizontal ceiling was made to fit in this space as you see we have beautiful skylights but the light condition in the space changes constantly it gives a different experience in a different time of the day for me I think it's very interesting aspects of this space I've been interested in so-called transitional spaces staircase here like this in bridges or doors it connects to different spaces but at the same time it separates two spaces I think the reason that I've been interested in those spaces it's got to do with my personal experience living you know Korea and and moved to u.s. the cultural displacement allowed me to see things differently so I'd be more interested in this transitional spaces rather than destination because I truly believe the life is a passageway I experience life moving through this different series of spaces one of my desire was to carry my memory of this intimate spaces with me wherever I go so that's how I started to think about the transportable piece and the choice of fabric for the material of the piece came very naturally you can fold and packing your suitcase and carry with you and I literally did it when I first made my first fabric Architecture piece so it's about the mobility and transport bility my work is very transparent so you can actually see the enveloping space through my piece so actually that helped audience or visitors to to see the gallery space in a different way you