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hi I'm Erica quantum effects are that Pixar and I'm sorry but I singer another pixar effects artist a pixar when we say affects me in the creation animation for anything that moves but isn't a character almost all the natural phenomena in our films are created by the effects teams things like dust smoke fire explosions know Oh it affects creates water and its many forms making believable water in the computer is really exciting and really challenging that's partly because water takes so many forms the placid lake you can swim in or russian river would not want to be cognizant the type of water we create depends on the story we're trying to tell and the way we approach water is different depending on how it interacts with the characters and how close we are to it one of the tools we use to create believe the water in the computer or particles well let's start with a single particle we can apply forces to that particles such as wind or gravity or more particles that push and pull each other by adding many many many more particles and applying those same forces we begin to create water in the computer water in the real world is also made up of particles because molecules are really just super tiny particles and even though our particles are much much bigger the molecules the physics are similar so we simulate those real-world forces using math and coat it would take years and years to individually animate the billions of particles that make up the water in the scenes so it helps that we can use an existing set of rules that particles in the computer can follow you're probably asking yourself how can I great water for animated films great questions they are bad and the following lessons to learn all about creating water using particles and simulation have fun and stay dry