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Educator's guide

Hello educators!

Pixar in a Box is designed to help students answer an age old question: Why do I need to learn this stuff? Our answer to this question is a series of interactive lessons, each of which demonstrate how a concept introduced in school is used for creative benefit at Pixar.

Lesson design

Each topic we offer breaks down into two lessons.

Lesson 1 is for all ages and focused on a design challenge

Each topic begins with a design-focused lesson that doesn't require math concepts beyond the elementary level. We hope people of all ages try these lessons. The goal is to first get you creating things with interactive tools while exposing the connections to mathematics. 
Example of an interactive question used to introduce how ray tracing is done at Pixar

Lesson 2 is more focused on technical concepts

This leads to a second lesson which dives deeper into the concepts involved. It begins with a lesson briefing identifying grade level, prerequisites, and relevant Common Core State Standards. Lessons are designed to increase in difficulty so that students can attempt more advanced material.
Example of a question on the weighted average of two points—an idea used in many lessons


How long do lessons take?

We've designed each lesson to fit within an hour or less.

Hands-on activities

We've created hands-on activities to extend our introductory lessons. You'll find these at the bottom of lessons under "hands-on activities". Here are links to take you directly to our activities:
  • Learn hand drawn animation in this three-part activity.
  • Appropriate for all ages
  • Apply combinations to create a crowd of dinosaurs using a small number of parts.
  • Appropriate for grades 5 to 8
  • Use string art construction to weave parabolic curves by hand.
  • Appropriate for all ages

More activities coming soon!

Help us expand!

If you have feedback or suggestions, please connect with us in the Q&A below. If you design your own lesson plans or activities around our content please share it here. We love to feature community-built content.

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