Curiosity rover: discoveries

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What did the curiosity rover find? Follow the mission timeline & findings here.

Curiosity has landed

VIDEO 2:32 minutes

Curiosity descent

VIDEO 2:55 minutes

Systems check

VIDEO 1:21 minutes
Aug 9th 2012)

Curiosity's first drive

VIDEO 2:09 minutes
(Aug. 24, 2012)



Discovery: Streambed

VIDEO 2:55 minutes

First CheMin results

VIDEO 2:04 minutes
Nov 1st 2012

Preparation for holidays

VIDEO 1:49 minutes
11 sols of activities are uploaded for the holidays

Calcium-rich deposits found

VIDEO 1:48 minutes
First candidate drill site found

Results of first drilling

VIDEO 2:32 minutes
Minerals present in the drill sample provided evidence of a previously habitable environment.

Mars' bygone atmosphere

VIDEO 2:13 minutes
NASA's Curiosity finds that the Red Planet doesn't have the same atmosphere it used to.

'Spring Break' over: commanding resumes

VIDEO 2:03 minutes
Curiosity gets new software and new capabilities for the long trek to Mt. Sharp.

Rover ready to switch gears

VIDEO 2:05 minutes
NASA's Curiosity rover switches to long-distance driving mode as she heads to Mount Sharp.

Trek to Mt. Sharp begins

VIDEO 2:04 minutes
NASA's Mars rover Curiosity heads on the long journey to the mission's main destination, Mount Sharp.

Dating younger rocks

VIDEO 2:20 minutes
NASA's Curiosity has determined the age of a Martian rock and provided first readings of radiation on the surface of Mars.

Curiosity completes its first martian year

VIDEO 2:34 minutes
On June 24, 2014, NASA's Curiosity rover completes her first Martian year (687 Earth days). Hear team members describe how the mission accomplished its main goal to find a past habitable environment on the Red Planet and the ongoing ...

A softer trek to mount sharp

VIDEO 1:12 minutes
On the second anniversary of landing, NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars is preparing to navigate through a series of sandy valleys on its way to Mount Sharp. The base of Mount Sharp sits 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) from the rover's current ...

A taste of mount sharp

VIDEO 1:20 minutes
NASA's Curiosity Mars rover has collected its first drill sample from the base of Mount Sharp. The scientific allure of the layered mountain inside a crater drew the team to choose this part Mars as its landing site.