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There is much more to light than meets the eye. Introduction to the electromagnetic spectrum and the science of spectroscopy.

Visible light (1672)

VIDEO 4:50 minutes

Infrared waves (1800)

VIDEO 5:23 minutes

Ultraviolet waves (1801)

VIDEO 3:40 minutes

Absorption lines



VIDEO 5:56 minutes

Radio waves (1888)

VIDEO 3:39 minutes

X-rays (1895)

VIDEO 2:50 minutes

Gamma waves (1900)

VIDEO 3:42 minutes

Microwaves (1930)

VIDEO 3:04 minutes

Spitzer telescope

VIDEO 6:23 minutes
400 years of Astronomy using Telescopes. To commemorate this International Year of Astronomy, three of NASA's flagship observatories have put a new spin on how we see the Pinwheel Galaxy!