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Pablo Picasso, Guitar, Glass, and Bottle

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Video transcript

We're here in MoMA storage with Pablo Picasso's "Glass, Bottle, and Guitar" of 1913 their teams me along with other cubist painter is notably george brach in Jurong green had begun to introduced non mark materials inge their mine March pictures things like wallpaper or newspaper a few snippets have which you see here by contrast process sense that ask doing is trying to build but a large of me the result is really wanna Papa says most complex paintings thank you this period in terms of its tax sure and a variety of its surface effects so he used all these different tools and devices to manipulate his knees pulled spent souls but some cardboard to push up against the edges at meetings these very short distinct blind sometimes he would use with that stencil that was hot the jagged edges and his scissors but would be translated over into the paint are conservators stagnate in area screenings skins amis in some way let me and then literally applying knows in the shape contours to the surface of this sup taking the material and paint an 18 pack a collage elements literally the Paris ArrayList some people like doing are a doll and on train wreck told always insisted back that pace and he per were not essential to the making of collage they really describe collage as operation that set out to produce a work of art that wasn't seamless unity that wasn't a coherent whole that nature itself forcefully parent London constructed nature Picasa always engage with this claim that the true and the false friend No reality and illusion and this picture answered ups the ante on that game in this way that is absolutely remarkable