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Yvonne Rainer: "The Concept of Dust, or How do you look when there's nothing left to move?"

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Dance is very different from other practices in that it disappears the instant that you see a given movement, it’s gone. And so it exists in the memory. I came to New York to study acting and I was no good at that. They said, “We don’t believe you.” And my first dance class, it took. I didn’t know how limited my physical resources were. I didn’t have a conventional dancer’s body. If I had known, or recognized that I might not have gone on. But the pleasure of moving was so great that it overcame any reservations I might have had. That title of the piece is “The Concept of Dust, or How Do You Look When There’s Nothing Left To Move?” It was performed at the Getty in LA a year ago. And it was called “A Work in Progress”. I didn’t feel it had coalesced and there was still material I was working on. But I feel it’s ready to go now.