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Animation: Pieter Bruegel

These stop-motion films made by our 7–12-year-old animators at the second annual #MetKids Animation Lab, explore the theme "The Met, Inside Out.".

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Video transcript

#metkids made by kids The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Good School present An original film from the #metkids animation lab The Harvesters Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1565 ♪ (medieval music) ♪ Oh, I'm so hungry, I'm so tired. Can't we take a rest sometime? This food is so boring. Can we do anything besides harvesting wheat? Hello. Who are these people? We're just here to help. We brought you some things to make your life better. Here's a hot dog. How about some french fries, too? Do these sunglasses fit? You might want some sunscreen. Here's some ketchup. ... To go with your hamburger. Here are some balloons for fun. We have to go back to our home now. Bye! Awww. ♪ (music) ♪ what will you make?