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¡Fiesta! Celebrate Latin America / Celebren América Latina

Connect and celebrate during our annual Museum-wide festival celebrating Latin America!

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Video transcript

#metkids celebrate ¡Fiesta! Celebrate Latin America ♪ (Latin American music) ♪ I'm Bruno, and I live in New York. I'm ten years old. <i>I learned how to weave just a few minutes ago.</i> <i>It's surprisingly easy.</i> My name's Sofia. My name is Elise. I'm going to celebrate <i>the party that we have here of dancing.</i> If you come to the Museum, you are going to do very special things. We came to ¡Fiesta! today because my kids have a Hispanic heritage I want them to be able to be familiar with. So it was a great opportunity to be able to show them <i>folkloric dance and Pre-Columbian masks</i> <i>and be able to touch base</i> with that heritage. My name is Angeline, and I'm from New York City, and I'm seven years old. Some ways to have fun in the Museum <i>are drawing and having fun in the way that you wanted to.</i> ♪ (Latin American music) ♪ ¡Fiesta! how will you celebrate?