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We’ve learned that our brains are designed to grow and that challenges are an important part of training our brains. But what happens when it gets really hard?
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Singer and songwriter John Legend has a strong growth mindset.


The truth is everyone doubts themselves at times. Even people we think of as great successes, like John Legend, still face moments of self-doubt.
At one time or another, most people have said things like “I can’t do this” or “I’ll never get this” or “I just wasn’t born to do this.”


So far we've learned about two different mindsets.

  • A growth mindset is the belief that intelligence grows with effort.
  • A fixed mindset is the belief that intelligence can’t change, even with effort.

Which voice will you hear?

These two mindsets are like two voices talking to us and competing for our attention.
Sometimes we listen to our growth mindset. We say to ourselves, “You can do this!” and think “I’m not giving up!”
Other times, our fixed mindset shows up. It might be triggered by a mistake, a failure, or criticism from someone.
Our fixed mindset voice says things like, “I'll never be good at this” and “It's too hard, just give up.” And sometimes our fixed mindset takes control, filling our head with thoughts like, “I’m not artistic”, “I’m not a good writer”, or “I’m not a math person.”

Pause and reflect

Take ~2 minutes to write about a time when you doubted yourself but you didn’t give up. What kept you going?

Mixed mindset

We all have a mixed mindset, it’s part of being human. In some scenarios we will hear our growth mindset voice and in others we'll hear our fixed mindset voice.
We can't completely eliminate our fixed mindset voice. But we can control how we respond when it shows up.

Pause and reflect

In this week's reflection, we'll create our own growth mindset pep talk that we can use to conquer our fixed mindset voice when we hear it. Use the form below to get started.

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