Growing your brain

Dr. Merzenich researched more than neuroplasticity and brain growth. He also discovered that practicing one activity can improve your performance on another, seemingly unrelated activity.
Let’s listen to him talk about the research he's done over the past decade.
As Dr. Merzenich explained, we can change our brains. He gave the example that practicing math problems can help an athlete’s accuracy and decision making on the field.
Math brain
There are many examples of how your brain changes, sometimes in ways you don't expect, when you learn new things.

Reading and reading faster

Reading brain
Think back to how hard it was when you began to learn to read. Everyone struggles with it, and we get better throughout our lives. We get faster and faster with more practice.
Reading is similar to working on math. It helps improve memory, thought, and visual sections of the brain. As you get better at reading, your brain becomes better primed to remember song melodies, plays, dance routines, and many other things.

Learning a new language

French brain
Learning a new language strengthens the parts of the brain associated with memory, thought, and action. By learning a different language, you can recall more descriptive vocabulary, making you more expressive in your native language.

Practicing an instrument

Musician brain
Practicing an instrument improves the visual, auditory, and motor sections of the brain. It also strengthens the bridge between the two halves of your brain, allowing messages to get across the brain more quickly!
There are a lot of activities that can become easier as the two halves of your brain get used to working together! Playing sports, building a social network, and executing your creative ideas require both sides of your brain.

You were born to learn.

The common denominator of all of these examples is that you have the power to grow your brain by challenging yourself and working hard to learn new things.

Take a moment to reflect.

  • Share the most important thing you learned from Dr. Merzenich. Why is this learning important to you?
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