Overview of the growth mindset activities
There are eight growth mindset activities in the high school curriculum. A high-level overview of the activities is as follows:
  • "Activity 1: The truth about your brain" explores how the brain changes as we learn.
  • "Activity 2: The growth mindset" discusses the differences between the growth mindset and the fixed mindset.
  • "Activity 3: Mistakes are opportunities." gives advice on how to shift from shying away from mistakes to seeing them as learning opportunities.
  • "Activity 4: Keep going. Keep growing." shares strategies for overcoming frustration and learning.
  • "Activity 5: Supercharge your growth." teaches how to set SMART goals that set you up for success.
  • "Activity 6: My kind of cool" shares stories about belonging and discusses how feeling like you don't belong is normal.
  • "Activity 7: Serendipity" showcases stories from people who have become successful in their careers by learning to deal with the unexpected.
  • "Activity 8: The path forward" is a final reflection and opportunity to teach other about growth mindset.
Each activity has three parts, except for the final reflection activity, which has two parts. Each part needs to be assigned to students for completion of the activity to count toward progress on your class LearnStorm tracker.
The high school activities are 15 to 20 minutes for each part, 55 minutes total for each activity.
Reminder: These activities are designed to be used in LearnStorm, Khan Academy's free back-to-school program. To learn more about LearnStorm and enroll your classes, check out the LearnStorm website. We recommend waiting to assign these to your students until LearnStorm kicks-off on September 4 so that completion of the activities will count toward LearnStorm levels for your class and so that your students can earn special LearnStorm badges along the way.

How to use the activities

  • Step 1: Assign all three parts of the activity. For example, please do not assign Activity 1, part 2 without Activity 1, part 1 and part 3.
  • Step 2: Work on the activities with the students. You can choose to complete all three parts of an activity in one day or spread them out over three different days.
  • Step 3: Celebrate! Students receive a growth mindset badge for completing all three parts of an activity and gain progress on the LearnStorm progress tracker
The growth mindset activities can be used with your students in a variety of ways. Here are a few ideas:
  • Homework: Assign the activity to your students for completion independently in class or at home.
  • Small groups: Assign the activity to your students for completion in small groups in class.
  • Full class: Have students popcorn read or read silently. Pause for students to answer each reflection question in a notebook or Google doc.

Where to find the activities

Anyone can find and access the LearnStorm growth mindset activities using this link.

Changes from last year.

This year, based on feedback we received from teachers who used the activities last year, we’ve created separate curriculums for the elementary/middle school audience and the high school audience. In both curriculums, there are more videos, case studies ,and reflection exercises for your students. Due to the amount of content, each activity is now split into three parts with the exception of the final reflection activity.
For more information on how to assign the activities, earn badges, view class progress, or other LearnStorm questions, please visit the LearnStorm FAQ.