Welcome to the LearnStorm growth mindset activities

Welcome to the LearnStorm growth mindset activities!

We’re excited to introduce you to the LearnStorm growth mindset activities, developed in partnership with PERTS, a Stanford center that builds on the research done by Carol Dweck.
These growth mindset activities are designed to be used in LearnStorm, Khan Academy's free back-to-school program. To learn more about LearnStorm and enroll your classes, check out the LearnStorm website. We recommend waiting to assign these to your students until LearnStorm kicks-off on September 4 so that completion of the activities will count toward LearnStorm levels for your class and so that your students can earn special LearnStorm badges along the way.
These growth mindset activities are fun and age appropriate, providing a structured way for students to explore the science behind the idea that "You can learn anything.” Along the way they’ll earn special badges and contribute to their class's overall progress in LearnStorm. If you haven't already, you can learn more and enroll your classes in LearnStorm here.
These activities are designed to help your students build growth mindsets and develop learning strategies to start the school year strong. Students who complete the activities have reported feeling more confident in themselves as learners, and teachers have reported positive changes in student behavior after participating in the program.

Hear from a teacher:

Pine Hill Middle School
The growth mindset activities will be available for teachers and parents to explore when LearnStorm sign-up launches on August 13, 2018. Students will be able to access the activities as assignments from their teacher or at home with a parent when the LearnStorm program kicks off on September 4, 2018.
For more information, visit learnstorm.khanacademy.org. To learn more about our partner, PERTS, please visit their website at PERTS.net.