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Activity: design a functional object

Design artistic functional objects you would use at a special gathering.
Date Created: 100–1 BCE
Place Created: Eastern Seleucid Empire (west Asia)
Culture: Parthian/ancient Iran
Material: Gilt silver, garnet, glass
Maker: Unknown
Dimensions: 27.5 × 46 × 12.7 cm (10 13/16 × 18 1/8 × 5 in.)
Getty Museum
Just as Parthians honored important guests at a banquet with objects like this rhyton, you too can design something special that is both decorative and useful!
Complete the following activity and create your own functional artwork. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil. (Alternatively, you can use markers and color pencils.)
Step 1: Review the definition of a functional art object and look at images of the Stag Rhyton, which is an excellent example of functional art.
Step 2: Quickly sketch several ideas for a functional art object on a sheet of paper. Think about how you would use this item and what it needs to make it both an artwork and as functional object. Experiment with different ideas.
Step 3: Choose one sketch to use for the final drawing.
Step 4: Draw your final idea for a functional art object on a separate sheet of paper. Make sure the drawing fills the page.
Step 5: Use markers and colored pencils to add details like imagery, decorations, textures, or color to your object.
Go further: Complete your design and make your object out of materials of your choice.

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