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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Kayla. This picture shows when Jesus was getting taken down from the cross. And what's interesting about it is that angels are helping, and it doesn't mention that in the Bible. - [Voiceover] My name is Bren. There's three angels. One's holding his crown of thorns. One's helping to carry his body, and the other one's just covering his face and kinda staying away. (harp music) - [Voiceover] You mean the angel in the upper right carrying nails from the crucifixion? That's me in the upper left, holding Christ's crown of thorns. We angels are supposed to look peaceful, but this is heartbreaking. (sobs) - [Voiceover] Their expressions are very angel-like. I mean, if you're at a burial, I think everyone's face would look a little sad, and the angels are upset, too, but very calm. (female choir music) Angels are followers of God, and they're usually wearing white, and they have wings. They look a whole lot like what I've imagined as an angel. - [Voiceover] Well, we may look kind of old school, but check out how our gowns curl up at the ends. - [Voiceover] I like the way that everyone's wearing something different, and some of the people are wearing really fancy outfits, and some are wearing really plain stuff.