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"A Hare in the Forest," Hans Hoffmann

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(playful music) (chewing sound) Voiceover: Ah, hello there! I'm so sorry to be talking while chewing. Hah, you caught me right in the middle of my lunch. If I don't get my fill I'm afraid my friends here will polish it off without me. Do you see them? Down there on the forest floor? A butterfly, a snail, even a salamander down there in front of my front paws. I am very fortunate to live in this forest. When you look around the museum you might notice that many other animals are not in their natural habitats. That is, in the wild. I am actually a very famous hare from Germany. The artist painted me especially for the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf the Second. Rudolf was just crazy about hares because he was bald. (laughs) Get it? Hare, hair! I'm just you know, what you call it, kidding. (chewing) Anyway, I'm no young bunny myself, as you can see from the gray hairs on my back. Can you see how the artist put great care into painting my slick fur? He had to use a very fine paintbrush indeed. Do you see them along my neck? (chewing) And can you see the long black whiskers on my nose? Oh you can just imagine how soft the inside of my ears must be, no? And look how bright and shiny is my eye. But this is also because I keep eating my greens. (chewing)