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(fantasy music) - [Voiceover] I love art. That is one thing that I'll never live without. (record scratching) (chime) - [Voiceover] Whatever. - [Voiceover] My name is Brynn. I think what's cool about this painting is it's actually not one, but it's, like, a bunch of lil' paintings all put together. There's some angels, and there's people being crowned, and it's just kinda complicated. (chime) - [Voiceover] Hey. Check out the bottom row. Right corner, one square over. Notice the guy with the gray beard lyin down with his hands up? Says he's a saint? The colorful creatures with the clubs and the flamin' sticks? They're me and my pals. Brynn here knows what we are. - [Voiceover] They look kind of bat-like and they've got claws. They look a lot like demons. (chime) (hissing and growling) Plus, they're attacking a saint. They remind me of someone I met once. She was kinda mean and she was always in really bright clothes. These demons are really, really, really bright. - [Voiceover] I'm bright alright, bright blue. Third demon from your right. (bell tolls) - [Voiceover] These demons are attacking Saint Anthony 'cause they're jealous of his devotion to God and they're really angry with him 'cause he ignored their temptations of laziness and bad behavior. - [Voiceover] Anthony just doesn't know fun. Awww. (laughs) - [Voiceover] I think the best thing about it is the way none of the demons are really touching him and his golden halo. - [Voiceover] Don't talk about the halo. (angelic note)