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"An Allegory of Passion," Hans Holbein the Younger

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(jovial xylophone) (horse galloping) - [Voiceover] Hey there, white horse here. Can't talk long, I'm in a real hurry, I'm all about motion and speed. So many other animals around here are all just hanging out and lying around. Not me, can't do it, I gotta go, go go go go! What is it that clued you in to how fast I'm going? Maybe it's the bulging veins in my neck, my tail whipping out behind me. Do you see the muscles in my legs as I push off the ground and leap forward? I take up the whole area of the painting like a full-screen TV. The artist makes sure you get the picture, and the fella on my back, the artist painted his red cape billowing behind him, and the ribbon tied around his forehead is fluttering, too, all to show how fast I'm going. Do you see how he's pulled up his arms and legs to help me go faster? But, this fella's wearing the strangest gold shoes, you see those? They look like a cross between boots and sandals, don't ask me. Those are called buskins. (chuckles) This guy can barely hang on, he hasn't even got a saddle! But ahh, take it easy on the ear there, fella! Maybe you can look out at our visitors, but I gotta look where I'm going! (jovial xylophone)