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"The Adoration of the Magi with Saint Anthony Abbott," Franco-Flemish master

Video transcript
(bell ringing) (pig squealing) (upbeat piano music) - [Pig] This is the best painting, wait'll you see this. Let me tell you all about it. Can you see me, do you see me, huh, down here on the left, in the corner? I'm the little pig on my hind legs, trying to get Saint Anthony's attention. He's a really great guy. He's just great. You see the tall guy in the pale brown robe standing above me, he's holding the bell? I kept him company when he was all alone in the wilderness. Of course, we're still really close pals. (pig squealing) Just because I'm little doesn't mean I don't have something to say. I notice all kinds of things that other people miss, don't you? Just for instance, take a look at how the artist painted the fur on my back. Go on, take a look. Get a real close look at that, can you believe that? Each of those little lines is made with the tip of a very small paintbrush. Or say, take a look at this. See how the edge of my back is darker than the rest of my body? The artist did that on purpose, you believe that? Is that incredible? Shading is what that is, of course. That there is why I don't look flat. Doesn't my stomach look round to ya? (pig squealing) Now, check out the faces on those people. Look at the details of their eyes and mouths. Can you see how the strands of their hair curls on their heads or on their beards? The artist knew how to use a paintbrush, all right, that's a big deal. And how do you like that bright red color on the background? Could be the sky with all those gold stars, or maybe it's inside, some kind of fancy wallpaper. What do you think? (pig squealing)