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Jean-Baptiste Greuze's drawings

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(classical music) Scott: Greuze must have been able to do these drawings quite quickly but it is amazing how considerate they are and how carefully they're arranged and it really is about a simple piece of red chalk moving very quickly across the page with the freshness and delicacy and ability to capture not only the form, the physical form but the feelings and moods that he must have been able to convey through his [unintelligible] (classical music) (classical music) (classical music) Scott: He starts by doing a general quick sketch in pen and ink and in order to give the drawing a sense of volume, a sense of space and a sense of three dimensionality, he uses the wash to make the shadows and it brings out all the contours of the various forms of the limbs and of the bodies, as well as the faces in a very real way. (classical music) It suddenly takes on a kind of relief-like quality. (classical music) It's important for me that the people looking at these kinds of drawings realize that this is as finished in some right as a drawing and Greuze probably meant it to be work of art. (classical music)