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Build your own colored shadows: Materials & steps

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- [Voiceover] To do this experiment, you'll need three plug-in socket adapters and compact florescent lamps in red, green, and blue. You can get all of these at a hardware store. You'll need a pencil, a strip of paper, half an inch by 11 inches. You'll need a power strip. You'll need foam core. Ours happens to be 22 inches by 28 inches, and you'll want it to be white. You'll need a cardboard box to tape to the back of the foam core to make it stand upright. And for tools, you'll need a pair of scissors and a roll of duct tape. To build this experiment, you're going to need to screw the bulbs in to the plug in socket adapters. And then plug them in to the power strip. You're going to want to do this in the order of red, then green, then blue. And when you're done, you turn them on. To mount the foam core to the box to make it stand upright, the first thing you're going to do is cut a couple pieces of duct tape, about four inches long. And then, you're going to take the foam core, push the box up against it, and use the duct tape to attach the box to the foam core. You need the second piece to keep the bottom of the foam core from rolling out away from the box. And there you have it. You'll need a table on which to put the bulbs and the screen. The screen should be at least three feet away from the bulbs. Turn on the bulbs, and we'll do the experiment.