So that’s where that comes from!

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Greeks and Persians

VIDEO 11:16 minutes
In which John compares and contrasts Greek civilization and the Persian Empire. Of course we're glad that Greek civilization spawned modern western civilization, right? Maybe not. From Socrates and Plato to Darius and Xerxes, John explains ...

Buddha and Ashoka

VIDEO 11:55 minutes
In which John relates a condensed history of India, post-Indus Valley Civilization. John explores Hinduism and the origins of Buddhism. He also gets into the reign of Ashoka, the Buddhist emperor who, in spite of Buddhism's structural ...

2000 Years of Chinese History! The Mandate of Heaven and Confucius

VIDEO 11:46 minutes
In which John introduces you to quite a lot of Chinese history by discussing the complicated relationship between the Confucian scholars who wrote Chinese history and the emperors (and empress) who made it. Included is a brief introduction ...

The Silk Road and ancient trade

VIDEO 9:28 minutes
In which John Green teaches you about the so-called Silk Road, a network of trade routes where goods such as ivory, silver, iron, wine, and yes, silk were exchanged across the ancient world, from China to the West. Along with all these ...

The Roman Empire. Or Republic. Or... which was it?

VIDEO 11:39 minutes
In which John Green explores exactly when Rome went from being the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire. Here's a hint: it had something to do with Julius Caesar, but maybe less than you think. Find out how Caesar came to rule the empire, ...