Hint: the background information that will help you complete these activities is found in the videos and article.
  1. As you know, biodiversity hotspots contain many endemic plant species, which is one of the criteria for designating an area as a hotspot. But for this activity, let’s look at some of the animals that live in hotspots. Go to the Conservational International website and check out their information on biodiversity hotspots:
Find the hotspot closest to you, learn more about it, and list three interesting animals that live in that hotspot.
  1. List five different ways that you as an individual can help support biodiversity hotspots. Consider your role as a consumer, an informed member of the community, a financial supporter of causes you believe in, a voter, an environmental steward, etc. There are wonderful resources available online if you want to get more involved – do searches on terms like biodiversity protection, conservation, environmental issues, or protecting species to get you started.