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How is biodiversity studied?

Biodiversity Expeditions Past and PresentField Methods for Documenting BiodiversityHow entomologists catch insects, spiders and other creepy crawliesExploration questions: biodiversity fieldworkActivities: biodiversity fieldworkGlossary: biodiversity fieldworkSelected references: biodiversity fieldworkAnswers to the exploration questions: biodiversity fieldwork
Studying biodiversity in the labHow much biodiversity do we really know?The Journey of Mr. Sand Dollar: Systematics 101 Exploration questions: biodiversity analyses and unknownsActivity: biodiversity analyses and unknowns Glossary: biodiversity analyses and unknownsSelected references: biodiversity analyses and unknownsAnswers to exploration questions: biodiversity analyses and unknowns

About this unit

Delve into the history of humanity’s passion to document and display specimens from the natural world and learn how biodiversity expeditions are conducted today.