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Opening of Kingdom of Ife exhibition

A special gathering of dignitaries and chiefs to mark the opening of the exhibition Kingdom of Ife: sculptures from West Africa. © Trustees of the British Museum

Created by British Museum.

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Video transcript

March the third 2010 the day the British Museum hosted a spectacular gathering of dignitaries and chiefs from Nigeria accompanied by his entourage the leader of the ancient city of FA received greetings from his Yoruba people a Muslim his title is on e or ruler and he was here to celebrate the opening of the most significant exhibition ever to have come to Britain from fa this is the first time we have a large assemblage of artworks from EV you graphic picture of iffy arts and art tradition the relationship between the National Commission for museums and monuments in Nigeria with the British Museum gets back to colonial period various collaborations in various professional ways the collaboration today has involved many exchanges of knowledge and expertise british museum staff have worked with colleagues in FA and the EFA colleagues have in turn flown here to install their objects with enormous care we handle them as a baby so that the future generation would come and see does same object or where you can find exhibition language we are trying to show the world exactly what the meaning of Dalton is in relation to our culture for the entire world to know exactly what the country is talking about phase very significant and we are very happy that we have any discrete discovery which is showcasing and i liked the importance of affair not only in nigeria west africa but all over the world oh the Yoruba people worldwide confrontation does he owe you more than 40 million of them worldwide there are different classes of gtc anything you have the area 231 and you have those were chosen because of their bravery and so on we have an honorary title chips and that one is chosen because of its contribution to society I die affair over the world the wave this objects are now being showcase is going to rekindle I believe you know that if an object has been existing while we find an object in level century trev century are they get there these are the questions we should not be axial who are the people being and with this exhibition is going to bring out more crust people want to find out what is our china cup team so I rest my case them in this place this and general of a greater awareness will be the greater returns benefits to be derived from the present exhibition going to them movers it will propel us to dig further into the past with a view to learn about a heritage you