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Ancient Egyptian baboon deity conserved for the Book of the Dead exhibition at the British Museum

Conservators at the British Museum preparing an ancient Egyptian coffin for display in the exhibition Journey through the afterlife: ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. © Trustees of the British Museum. Created by British Museum.

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Video transcript

this is an 18th dynasty Egyptian deity figure which to you and me is a three and a half thousand year old wooden baboon Lynn a conservator is looking for loose areas of paint and marks them with paper arrows with a careful hand she applies white spirit to the exposed wood to protect it and then she uses a medical insulin syringe to inject a tiny amount of glue under the loose paint any excess glue is wiped off quickly with Japanese tissue the paint needs to be in place whilst the glue dries so Lynn constructs the ideal support with the most unlikely of instruments bricks and straws once finished this object will be shown at the British Museum's exhibition journey through the afterlife ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead