Before really digging in the course, you’re going to identify a problem affecting the world, for example the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Then, you’ll predict a vision of the future based on this problem and your current understanding of the history of the Universe. This not only helps you think about what you know about the history of the Universe, but it also encourages you to think about how the past informs the future.
An example of a problem affecting the world today: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. "North Pacific Subtropical Convergence Zone" by NOAA. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons


You are going to identify a problem affecting the world today, and then you’ll create a vision of the future based on your chosen problem. You can choose whatever you want. Once you’ve picked out the problem, write a few sentences that address the following criteria:
1. Provide a short explanation of the problem.
2. Explain how you think this problem will affect the world in 100 years.
3. Propose a solution to this problem.

For Further Discussion

Share your response into the Questions Area for others to read. Then, read other people’s paragraphs and compare your answers with theirs for a different perspective. If someone came up with the same problem as you but had a different solution, compare your solutions (in writing). Or, if someone picked a problem and you can think of a better solution, share that!