Match each claim with its supporting evidence.
  • Our Sun will run out of fuel and die in around 5 billion years
  • Plate tectonics will rearrange the continents: the Pacific will narrow, bringing Australia closer to the Americas, and the Atlantic will expand to form the largest of the oceans
  • Our Sun will run out of hydrogen, swell into a red giant, gobble up the inner rocky planets, and then collapse and die
  • Average global temperatures will rise
  • In 3 to 4 billion years, our galaxy will begin a slow collision with its closest large neighbor, Andromeda
  • Medium-sized stars typically exist for roughly 10 billion years
  • The current trajectory of the Milky Way galaxy and those in its immediate proximity
  • The life cycle of medium-sized stars includes a red giant stage and ends in a whimper as a white dwarf
  • Rapid escalation of greenhouse gas emissions
  • The current trajectory of the Earth’s tectonic plate movement
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