This activity gets you to think about how to solve the problems that we may encounter in our future. It’s important not only to try to predict the challenges the Earth might face, but also to consider how we can either prevent those problems or discover ways to fix them if they’re inevitable.

"Earth Eastern Hemisphere" by NASA. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons
Think about the problem that you chose in Lesson 10.1 that you think will impact the planet in 100 years. Your job now is to come up with ways to solve the problem that you predicted is going to occur.
Think about the following two things:
1. A way to prevent the problem from ever occurring.
2. If the problem does occur, ways to either resolve or substantially lessen the problem.

For Further Discussion

Share your thinking in the Questions Area below. Then, expand upon someone else’s thinking to provide more ideas on how to prevent the problem or how to alleviate or resolve it in the future.