In this activity, you’ll create a timeline of your life. This should help you think about how your ideas of scale and history have changed after learning about Big History.
This one is David Christian's personal timeline. Click here to see it full size.


Create a timeline of your life. Include the major turning points in your life so far, as well as three or four predictions for future thresholds.
Once you’ve created your timeline, find the timeline that you completed in Lesson 1.4, way back at the beginning of the course. Remember that? Once you have it, compare it to the timeline you just made and think about the following questions:
  • How is your new timeline different from the old one?
  • Does your new timeline start with the same event as before?
  • Did you choose the same turning points?
  • Has Big History impacted your perspective about the time scale of your life and how it fits into the narrative of the Universe?

For Further Discussion

In the Questions Area below, respond to two of the questions. Then, read other            people’s answers. Comment on a point that someone else made that you find particularly interesting or surprising, and explain why you find it so.