This activity brings the entire lesson together as you’re going to research an explorer who was responsible for connecting two world zones. You must also answer a series of questions in order to learn about their motivation, purpose, accomplishments, and contribution to collective learning. A key piece of this activity is to research how we know about the explorer’s journey, which will allow you to examine the evidence they left behind.


Choose one explorer from the Mariners' Museum webpage. Your chosen explorer must have somehow connected two world zones.
As you research, take notes to answer the following questions:
1. What world zones did the explorer connect?
2. What was the motivation for their exploration? Was it for political, economic, religious, scientific, or technological reasons?
3.  What did they discover? Land, people, goods, ideas, or a combination of these?
4. How did they contribute to collective learning? Focus on things such as ideas, goods, technology, religion, and politics.

For Further Discussion

Share the answer to two of the questions above about your explorer (make sure to note which explorer you picked!). Then, expand upon the response that someone else left about a different explorer by answering one of the questions that they didn’t answer themselves.