This activity provides you with an opportunity to start thinking about the impact that farming can have on the way humans live and relate to each other. It will also allow you to think about the kinds of questions archaeologists and historians might ask when they must rely upon artifacts rather than written evidence to learn about the past.


Look carefully at the set of burial images from Egypt, Xian, and Greece. Think about the following questions in relation to each:
1. Can you describe the burial? What does the tomb or grave look like? How was the body prepared? Were there any objects in the grave or tomb?
2. What conclusions would you draw about the wealth, power, and social status of each of the individuals from these three burials? Explain the reasoning behind your conclusions.

For Further Discussion

Pick one culture’s burial image and share your answers to the two questions in the Questions Area below. Then, comment on someone else’s answer: Choose someone who wrote about a different culture than you did, and compare how your culture was either similar or different to the one they picked.