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Introduction to JapanShintoFemale Shinto spiritBuddhism in JapanAncient temples of Nara JapanStanding Brahma and standing IndraThe Buddhist guardian deity: Fudo MyooA guardian kingThe Way of TeaTea bowl with dragon roundelsTea bowl with standing crane design (gohon tachizuru)Incense container with design of ploversFresh water jarAn introduction to the SamuraiDog chasingArchery practiceMilitary camp jacketTale of the HeikeHaniwa in the form of a warriorA brief history of samurai armorSamurai armorHelmet with half-face maskMilitary leader's fanArrival of a Portuguese shipShort sword (wakizashi) and long sword (katana)Matchlock gun and pistolFrom castle to palace: samurai architectureThe Floating World of Edo JapanFire procession costumeThe evolution of ukiyo-e and woodblock printsStreet scene in the pleasure quarter of Edo JapanCourtesans of the South StationCourtesan playing with a catHunting for firefliesAn introduction to Kabuki theaterThe actor Ichikawa Danzo IV in a Shibaraku roleGenji UkifuneScenes from The Tale of GenjiAn American shipHow Japan Inspired Monet, Van Gogh, and Other Western ArtistsThe steamship Powhatan

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Explore the arts and belief systems of Japan.