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Course: Asian Art Museum > Unit 5

Lesson 1: China

Climbing Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)

Dr. Sanford Tom explores Huangshan (the Yellow Mountain), which is often considered the most beautiful as well as the strangest mountain in China. Created by Asian Art Museum.

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Video transcript

(gentle woodwind music) - Huangshan, or the Yellow Mountain, is situated in the Anhui province, south of the Yangtze in eastern China. Considered the most beautiful mountain, and also the strangest mountain in China. It includes unusual rock formations, unusual pines, unusual cloud formations, and unusual hot springs and waterworks. As we ascended the trail, the mist started to fall away. And by the time we got to the top, it was crystal clear. (gentle woodwind music) There are over 70 named peaks, over 200 rock formations with very fantastic names. This path is called One Thread of Sky. (gentle woodwind music) These are the features that have, over the centuries, that inspired artists and poets. Since earliest times the Chinese have venerated nature, as expressed in its mountains and rivers and trees and such. Daoist Philosophy believed that in the mountains and rivers reside gods and deities. And people would go into the mountains to seek retreat from the daily living and to renew themselves. Next time I go, I have to be much better physical shape. And perhaps this would give me motivation to really work on myself for that experience. (gentle woodwind music)