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Exploration Questions: Planets

1. Explain the difference between the Kuiper Belt and the Asteroid Belt. Are any bodies within these regions considered planets? Why or why not?
2. In this diagram of a rocky planet, what does the black circle in the center represent? How did it form?
3. Identify the feature and planet shown in each image below. What do these two images have in common? How are they different?
4. If Curiosity rover finds what it’s searching for on Mars, is it possible that life exists — or once existed — on that planet? Explain your answer. In your answer, consider the requirements of life and what has been found on earlier Mars missions.

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    How was the great RED spot formed on jupiter
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    This may seem a bit out of the topic but why are all the stars, planets, etc. round- why not square, hexagon, etc.?
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      Their shape is defined by the way they rotate or orbit. If you take a rock out of a river, chances are, it would be round. Whereas you take a rock off the edge of a cliff, it would be some other shape. It's the constant movement of their environment that makes a thing's shape. If you ever visited the grand canyon, you might know that glaciers shaped the canyon. Have you ever faced the wind? If you turn round and round, the wind comes in different directions. (well, at least to you). Planets, when they rotate, the constant pull of gravity from the sun affects all sides of the earth while it rotates. Over long periods of time, the earth get's it's shape.
      I admit-I'm taking a guess, but it's reasonable, right?
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