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Where in the world did dinosaurs live?

Fossils of dinosaurs have now been found on every continent, almost everywhere that rocks of Late Triassic, Jurassic, or Cretaceous rocks are exposed on the Earth's surface. Because dinosaurs were (and in the form of birds still are) such a diverse group or animals, they probably lived in nearly every terrestrial environment. Their fossils, whether bones, teeth, or footprints, have been found in Mesozoic rocks that are geologically interpreted to have been deposited in deserts, savannahs, forests, beaches, and swamps. Created by American Museum of Natural History.

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Video transcript

Dinosaurs lived just about everywhere, on all continents and all habitats as far as we can see. Now they're not preserved well in all habitats there's certain regions of the world were dinosaur fossils are especially abundant and well preserved. Part of the time period when the traditional dinosaurs were alive soutehrn Australia was very close to the Arctic, to the southern pole, and dinosaur fossils are found there. Northern Alaska on the north, the north slope was above the Arctic Circle during the time these animals lived, we find dinosaur fossils there. So, they basically lived in every possible habitat that we know of, everywhere in the world, they're a truly cosmopolitan group.