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Exploration Questions: Dinosaur Fossils

Grab your notebook or computer and write out your answer to each of the following questions. Then compare your answer to the suggested answer found in the “Answers to exploration questions” article. Have fun! (Hint: the information needed to answer these questions can be found in the video and the articles.)
1. How had railroads and John Bell Hatcher changed paleontology fieldwork by the early 20th century?
2. Imagine you are a paleontologist leading an important expedition for the American Museum of Natural History. Describe how you and your team might use the following tools as you search for dinosaur fossils and prepare them for study:
  • Satellite photos
  • Brush
  • Rock hammer
  • Plaster bandages
  • Adhesives
  • Dental tools
  • Carbide steel needles
  • Microscope
  • Silicone rubber and epoxy resin
3. Are scientists currently able to clone a dinosaur like they did in the movie Jurassic Park? Explain your answer.
4. Imagine you are a radio reporter in the 1920s. You are about to interview Barnum Brown. Write an introduction for Mr. Brown and three questions you’d like to ask him.

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