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Exploration Questions: Dinosaur Extinction

Grab your notebook or computer and write out your answer to each of the following questions. Then compare your answer to the suggested answer found in the “Answers to exploration questions” article. Have fun! (Hint: the information needed to answer these questions can be found in the video and the articles.)
1. If species go extinct all the time, how do scientists know when a mass extinction occurred? How do they know which organisms went extinct?
2. Scientists think a giant asteroid impact and huge volcanic eruptions may have contributed to the mass extinction 65 million years ago. List at least three ways that these events could have changed the environment.
3. Extinction theories suggest that blocked sunlight would have decreased photosynthesis in plants. Which kinds of dinosaurs—plant-eaters or meat-eaters—would have been affected by a change in photosynthesis? Explain your answer.
4. Scientists say that dinosaurs are not extinct. In fact, you see them every day. What do they mean?

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