Inverse trig functions

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Someone has taken the sine of an angle and got 0.85671 and they won't tell you what the angle is!!! You must know it! But how?!!! Inverse trig functions are here to save your day (they often go under the aliases arcsin, arccos, and arctan).

Inverse trig functions: arcsin

VIDEO 10:36 minutes
Introduction to the inverse trig function arcsin

Inverse trig functions: arccos

VIDEO 13:38 minutes
Understanding the inverse cosine or arccos function

Inverse trig functions: arctan

VIDEO 10:06 minutes
Understanding the arctan or inverse tangent function.

Example: Calculator to evaluate inverse trig function

VIDEO 3:28 minutes
Example using calculator to evaluate inverse tangent function

How to restrict the domain of a trig function to make it invertible (example)

VIDEO 6:00 minutes
Sal is given the graph of a trigonometric function, and he discusses ways in which he can change the function to make it invertible.

Inverse tangent scenario

VIDEO 3:35 minutes

Inverse trig word problems