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Harry Potter is at Ollivanders Wand Shop. As we all know, the wand must choose the wizard, so Harry cannot make the choice himself. He interprets the wand selection as a random process so he can compare the probabilities of different outcomes.
The wood types available are holly, elm, maple, and wenge. The core materials on offer are phoenix feather, unicorn hair, dragon scale, raven feather, and thestral tail.
Based on the sample space of possible outcomes listed below, what is more likely?
Please choose from one of the following options.
Phoenix FeatherUnicorn HairDragon ScaleRaven FeatherThestral Tail
HollyHolly PhoenixHolly UnicornHolly DragonHolly RavenHolly Thestral
ElmElm PhoenixElm UnicornElm DragonElm RavenElm Thestral
MapleMaple PhoenixMaple UnicornMaple DragonMaple RavenMaple Thestral
WengeWenge PhoenixWenge UnicornWenge DragonWenge RavenWenge Thestral