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ah Bree wanted to see if there's a connection between the time a given exam takes place and the average score of this exam she collected data about exams from the previous year plot the data in a scatter plot and let's see they give us a couple of rows here this is the class then they give us the period of the day that the class happened and then they give us the average score on an exam and one could you know there that we have to be a little careful with this study maybe there's some correlation depending on what subject is taught during what period but let's just use her data at least just based on her data C if C will definitely do it what they're asking us plot a scatter plot and then see if there is any connection so let's see on the vertical on on the horizontal axis we have period and on this investigation this this exploration she's doing she's trying to see well does the period of the day somehow drive average score so that's why period is on the horizontal axis and the thing that's being the thing that's driving is on the horizontal the thing that's being driven is on the vertical so let's plot each of these points period one average score 93 period one average score 93 right over there period 687 period 6 87 80 that's not the right place and then we can move it if we want 87 right over there period to 72 period to 70 period for 62 for 4 and 62 right over there period 4 and 86 period 4 and again an 86 that's right over there period 173 period 173 period 3 average score of 73 as well period 373 period 180 average score of 80 period 1 average score of 80 and then period 3 average score of 90 period three average score of 96 so there we go and it doesn't really seem like there's any obvious any obvious any obvious trend over here so let's make sure that we got this right and we did