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Test statistic for slope


Elvin collected the scores of a random sample 41 students on the first exam in a certain class and their corresponding scores on the second exam in that class. Here is computer output on the sample data:
Summary statistics
VariablenMeanStDevSE Mean
x, equals, start text, space, f, i, r, s, t, space, e, x, a, m, space, s, c, o, r, e, end text4159, point, 519, point, 73, point, 1
y, equals, start text, space, s, e, c, o, n, d, space, e, x, a, m, space, s, c, o, r, e, end text4159, point, 421, point, 73, point, 4
Regression: second exam score vs. first exam score
PredictorCoefSE Coef
Constant6, point, 9856, point, 65
First exam score0, point, 8810, point, 11
start text, S, end text, equals, 13, point, 2start text, R, negative, s, q, end text, equals, 62, point, 89, percent
Assume that all conditions for inference have been met.
Which of these is an appropriate test statistic for testing the null hypothesis that the population slope in this setting is 0?
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