About pi and tau

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When you want to make a circle, how is it done? Well you probably will start with the radius one.

A song about a circle constant

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Happy Tau Day! This is a song about Tau! Other Tau things you should see:Pi is (still) Wrong: http://youtu.be/jG7vhMMXagQ What Tau Sounds Like: http://youtu.be/3174T-3-59QThe Tau Manifesto: http://tauday.com/

Pi is (still) wrong

VIDEO 5:17 minutes
Please excuse the simple math and spelling errors. You shouldn't believe anything I say without double-checking even at the best of times. Go here: http://tauday.com/ and here: http://www.math.utah.edu/~palais/pi.html Me: http://vihart.com

Rhapsody on the proof of pi = 4

VIDEO 5:56 minutes
Correction: when I mark where pi is on the graph, I meant pi/2! Note: If this video were supposed to be teaching you, I'd probably have to make it boring and say that in one sense of limits, spoiler alert, you actually do approach a circle ...

Are Shakespeare's plays encoded within pi?

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Special thanks to Toby (or not Toby) for playing Dog Hamlet. This cool website lets you search the first 200,000,000 digits of Pi. See if your phone number or encoded name is in there! http://www.angio.net/pi/piquery Seven Sonnets: Are ...

Anti-Pi Rant, 3/14/14

VIDEO 4:20 minutes
Sorry, Pi lovers! Maybe pick a better favorite number next time?