Dependent probability

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What's the probability of picking two "e" from the bag in scrabble (assuming that I don't replace the tiles). Well, the probability of picking an 'e' on your second try depends on what happened in the first (if you picked an 'e' the first time around, then there is one less 'e' in the bag). This is just one of many, many type of scenarios involving dependent probability.

Dependent probability introduction

VIDEO 6:38 minutes
Let's get you started with a great explanation of dependent probability using a scenario involving a casino game.

Dependent probability example

VIDEO 9:01 minutes
We're thinking about how the probability of an event can be dependent on another event occuring in this example problem.

Dependent probability example 2

VIDEO 6:34 minutes
It's important to practice these probability problems as they get more complex eventually. Take a stab on this one...with our help, of course.

Independent or dependent probability event?

VIDEO 2:39 minutes
This time around we're not going to tell you whether we're working on a dependent or independent probability event problem. You tell us!

Dependent probability


Probability and the Monty Hall problem

VIDEO 7:23 minutes
Here we have a presentation and analysis of the famous thought experiment: the "Monty Hall" problem! This is fun.