Chucky grabbed 12 items in the grocery store that each had a different price and had a mean cost of about dollar sign, 7, point, 41. One of the items was an entire wheel of cheese that cost dollar sign, 39, point, 99.
elephant garlicdollar sign, 1, point, 29
Italian parsleydollar sign, 1, point, 92
Kosher saltdollar sign, 3, point, 19
bulgur wheatdollar sign, 3, point, 79
matzoh mealdollar sign, 3, point, 99
Anjou pearsdollar sign, 4, point, 79
tahinidollar sign, 5, point, 19
mozzarella pearlsdollar sign, 5, point, 29
clam stockdollar sign, 5, point, 49
rose waterdollar sign, 6, point, 75
beef tonguedollar sign, 7, point, 19
gorgonzola cheese wheeldollar sign, 39, point, 99
Chucky then decided to put the wheel of cheese back and only buy the other 11 items.
How will removing the wheel of cheese affect the mean and median?
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